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Lemo card set shortcuts

Lemo card set shortcuts

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Discover our "Links" card set with 15 exciting exercise cards. Various linking games are offered here, in which children have to correctly assign objects, contexts, patterns or parts of pictures, for example. A creative learning adventure that encourages logical thinking and powers of observation while also training fine motor skills.

Here's how it works

  1. Place a deck of cards on the Lemo wooden frame.
  2. Connect the illustrations on the left side of the card to the matching pictures on the right by stretching the rubber bands over the wooden pegs.
  3. Once you've tightened all the rubber bands, pull out the card and turn it over. Slide them back into the wooden frame to see the back with the self-control.
  4. Compare your work with the solution template on the back. The correct arrangement of the rubber bands is shown here in gray. If your assignments were correct, the arrangement of your rubber bands will match the template.

You are promoting that

  • Logical thinking: The children are encouraged to recognize and correctly assign connections between different objects, contexts, patterns or parts of pictures
  • Observation Skills : Through the linking games, children sharpen their observation skills and learn to pay attention to details.
  • Fine Motor Skills : Matching the different items on the cards requires precise hand-eye coordination and develops children's fine motor skills.


The card sets are made of durable and robust paper.

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