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6 decks of cards for 1st class

6 decks of cards for 1st class

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Discover our versatile 1st grade value set with specially designed decks of cards for 1st grade elementary school children. The included decks of cards enable comprehensive promotion of various skills, such as hearing beginning and ending sounds, finding the right first and last letter, as well as addition and subtraction up to 20. A holistic learning experience for a successful time in the 1st grade. The difficulty of the tasks increases with the number of cards, making it an exciting challenge for children.

That's in the box

4 punch box sets of cards for the 1st class, each with 24 double-sided cards (48 tasks). The decks include:

  • addition up to 20
  • subtraction up to 20
  • Find the correct first and last letter
  • hear beginning and ending sounds

Here's how it works

  1. Slide a deck of cards into the hole box.
  2. Put the wooden peg in the hole for the correct answer.
  3. If the answer is correct, the card can be pulled out. If the answer is wrong, the card gets stuck.

You are promoting that

The versatile card sets promote important skills such as phonological awareness, vocabulary, number understanding and concentration.

*Phonological awareness is the ability to break down words into syllables and sounds, which is the basis for successful reading and writing. Children learn that words are made up of smaller units and can thus better recognize the structure of the language.


The card sets are made of durable paper. The cards are printed bilingually (German/English) on both sides and thus offer a variety of learning opportunities.

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