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hear beginning and ending sounds

hear beginning and ending sounds

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Our Hearing Start and End Sounds punch box deck provides a comprehensive learning experience for 1st grade students. With a total of 48 exercises (24 cards printed on both sides), the beginning and end sounds are specifically trained. The children are introduced to the world of letters and sounds in a playful way and can specifically improve their skills in recognising, assigning and speaking initial and final sounds. The difficulty of the tasks increases with the number of cards, making it an exciting challenge for children.

Here's how it works

This is how the punch box works:

  1. Slide the deck of cards into the hole box.
  2. Put the wooden peg in the hole for the correct answer.
  3. If the answer is correct, the card can be pulled out. If the answer is wrong, the card gets stuck.

You are promoting that

  • Phonological Awareness: Children learn to consciously perceive the sounds of language and to recognize and distinguish sounds in words
  • Language development: The deck of cards supports children's language development by understanding the connections between letters and sounds and taking the first steps towards reading and writing.
  • Cognitive Skills: Children are encouraged to think analytically, recognize patterns and discover logical connections between sounds and letters
  • Fine Motor Skills : Inserting the wooden pegs into the correct holes of the punch box requires fine motor skills and develops children's dexterity.

Through the targeted promotion of these skills, the children receive a solid basis for their further school development and are playfully accompanied on the way to reading and writing.


The flashcards are made of high quality and durable paper.

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